Frequently Asked Questions

How would you work with me?

  • The first step is discussing your goals.  Are you nearing retirement, and want to make sure you can make the transition with financial comfort?  Are you already retired and want to ensure your investments are managed conservatively, safeguarded against a change in income status?  Are you a recent college graduate who wants to build toward retirement, and can afford to do so aggressively?  Are you a new parent who wants to start your child’s college fund?

    Next, we identify your risk tolerance.  What does “conservative” or “aggressive” mean to you?

    Then I go to work on your portfolio.

What assumptions do you use when planning for my retirement?

  • We look at the rate of return at which your assets are expected to grow, the pace of inflation, and your personal spending habits.

Financial planners work with all sorts of clients.  Do you specialize in any area?

  • We specialize in helping those nearing retirement and those who are already in retirement.  Clients approaching retirement want a financial planner to help them make a smooth transition, while those already in retirement want their money managed to protect them from an unstable economy.  We work with clients in all industries. Three particular groups that have sought our services are triathletes, educators and the medical community.              

What is my first step?